Fairy House

A Fairy House

I am far from being a "pinterest mom." I'm not organized or artistic. And while I do have fairly creative ideas sometimes, the execution of those ideas is almost never what I would consider worthy of a blog. But in the interest of helping everyone realize that your kids don't care if your art projects are perfect, I've decided to share the activity I did with my two year old yesterday.

We were watching some Tinkerbell movie for the eleventeen-thousandth time when I decided we could make a fairy house like the little girl on the movie. I asked if she wanted to, and she was so excited she couldn't wait until the end of the movie to get started.

Since she is still so little, she needed a lot of help with this activity but it was still very fun. I did most of the work but she made the decisions. Here's a step-by-step of what we did.

First, we ventured into the garage and she chose a box out of our giant pile that's waiting to be recycled. Then we went out in the backyard and collected things that might be useful.

Once we had everything together I asked her where to put the door of the house. She pointed to a spot and I cut out three sides of a rectangle to make the door. Then I asked if she wanted windows and she said yes. I asked her what shape to make the windows and she wanted one rectangle and one circle. These little choices kept her very involved in the project and made her really excited even though I was the one actually doing the cutting.

For the inside of the fairy house, we had lots of big leaves that were going to be the carpet. I let her put all of those down on the ground, and later hot glued them where she had put them. You don't need to do hot glue if you want them to glue it, but it was almost nap time and I wanted this to go quickly and hold the seashells she had chosen.

Next, I asked her what a fairy would need in her room. She said a bed, and I asked if she could find something in our collection of things that would make a good bed. She chose a big seashell. Then I thought a cotton ball would be a good pillow so I took her into my bathroom to get one. While we were looking for the cotton balls she found a cotton round and decided that would be a good fairy blanket. She also picked up several cotton swabs.

Once we had the bed situated she decided the fairy needed a sink. She even found a shell that worked perfectly for it. I used the square of cardboard I had cut from the window to make a stand for it and then she told me where to put it. Finally, she brought me a shell and told me it was a light. I glued it to the handle part of the box.

The final touches were for her to throw random shells and 2 pine cones in the box. I don't think they have any particular purpose other than decoration.

This was a fun last minute activity that required almost no preparation. I loved seeing her creativity and working with her to make a project. And for a toddler to focus on something that took us a good 20 minutes was awesome! She is so proud of herself, she couldn't wait for Daddy to get home so she could show off, and she keeps walking over to it randomly and saying "Look! I made a fairy house!"

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