Dear lazy moms,

Hey you - the mom who let her kids watch tv for 2 hours today – the mom who didn’t get her workout in tonight – the mom who yelled at her kids instead of taking the time to understand why they were throwing the blocks at eachother – the mom who ordered pizza for dinner – the mom who spent hours on Pinterest instead of simply making a decision and finishing the project – the mom whose kids are up an hour past bedtime because you just don’t want to fight with them.

I have news for you. You are NOT lazy. You might be tired, distracted, starved for “me time”, or lacking motivation. But you are not lazy. Did you hear me? YOU ARE NOT LAZY. If you were lazy, you wouldn’t care about all the things you aren’t getting done. You wouldn’t even notice the chaos, let alone feel guilty about it! So stop using laziness as an excuse to beat yourself up. And if you were really lazy, I guarantee you wouldn’t be doing the amazing things you do every day.

We can only do so much in a day and we HAVE to include our own needs in all of our plans. If we overschedule and don’t care for ourselves, something is going to fall through and then we will label ourselves as lazy. Eventually, that label gets internalized, and then it just becomes a crutch. We rely on it to make it ok for us to not do things we really should. The word itself brings nothing positive to life, so we need to stop using it. Instead, we need to identify the real issue. No more “I didn’t work out tonight because I’m lazy.” Replace that thought with “I didn’t work our tonight because my favorite show was on, but I am going to get up early and do it in the morning” or with “I didn’t work out tonight because the baby was up all night and I am utterly exhausted. I am going to bed now.”

Once you realize the true cause of your “laziness” you will know whether it’s something you can take care of or something that was more important. Was the show more important than my work out? No, and I’m going to fix it. Was allowing my body to rest more important than my work out? Yes, and I’m ok with my choice.

So, mommies of the world, seriously quit it with lazy thing. When you hear it in your brain, it should send up a red flag. Know that you are not lazy, and then make your decision accordingly. Here is your easy-to-follow flowchart.

lazy flowchart.jpg
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