Enjoy Postpartum? Yes!

You've prepared for the birth of your precious baby(ies), and your bundle of joy is finally here. Now what? Know you're not alone! Kate Vošta, Postpartum Doula and Owner of Mothering Momma, discusses what it looks like to hire a postpartum doula.

There are so many wonderful resources for pregnant women and their partners to prepare for birth – prenatal Yoga, prenatal water aerobics, childbirth education (Rebel Birth, The Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, etc). While all of these are extremely beneficial and birth is a MONUMENTAL moment in our lives, the birth experience almost seems short-lived in comparison to the postpartum season. An immense amount of attention is placed on our birth experiences and often the postpartum season is completely overlooked.

So, you made it through the 20+ intense hours of labor and are now holding your perfect baby/babies in your arms. Congratulations! Now what? What do the next 20+ hours look like? The next 20 days/nights? Weeks? Months? How have you prepared for this period of time?

The first few months after birth can be a total blur of thoughts and statements like these:

"Have I showered this week?"

"This 4 hour old bowl of cold oatmeal is soooo good! I'm starved!"

"Is this baby seriously nursing again?!"

"Another blowout?"

"Will I ever sleep again?"

"Honey, will you please feed me those rice cakes? I only have two hands."

"Please. Hold the baby so I can go to the bathroom alone."

"So. Much. Laundry."

"This glass *seems* clean. I'll get to the dishes when the baby is asleep."

"Visitors to entertain AGAIN!"

"What I wouldn't give for 4 hours of solid sleep!"

"It's official, I am a human pacifier."

"Great. Another crockpot meal."

Did you know the postpartum season doesn't have to be a time of stress while feeling frantic and sleep deprived? Did you know families all over the world actually enjoy this time? By preparing for this time and allowing yourself the time to recover from gestation and labor, you too, can enjoy this season!

Picture this:

You’ve just had your baby/babies and y'all arrive home for the first time since birth. Once you've settled in, your Postpartum Doula arrives! While you bask in all of those baby snuggles in the comfort of your own home, your Postpartum Doula prepares you a healthy and delicious fresh meal. She serves you the meal and soothes and cares for your baby while you eat with two hands, at a healthy pace, whilst hydrating yourself and nourishing your healing body. She answers any questions you may have about your postpartum recovery and provides you with evidence based information in regards to your baby's current age. Once you are finished eating, you feed your baby while your Postpartum Doula cleans the kitchen.

After the dishes are clean and you are done feeding your baby, your Postpartum Doula changes your baby’s diaper and soothes your baby to sleep while you take a refreshing and rejuvenating shower. Once you've showered, it's time for YOU to nap! As both you and your baby sleep, your Postpartum Doula takes care of the small household chores that have begun to pile up and prepares a snack for you to enjoy once you wake. Upon waking, you are greeted with a nutritious snack and some water. Your Postpartum Doula brings your baby to you so you can feed them while ensuring you are comfortable and not in need of anything. While feeding your baby, you and your Postpartum Doula share wonderful adult woman-to-woman conversation. How refreshing!

The time will eventually come when your Postpartum Doula has to leave for the day but, don't worry! She will be back again tomorrow!

At Mothering Momma, we have packages to fit every families needs. Reach out and see how we can support you!

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