I've been thinking a lot about growth recently. I have decided that watching growth is my absolute favorite part of my job. I get to watch the babies grow into awesome kids, I get to watch the moms grow into stronger happier people, and I get to watch our village grow into something incredibly special. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of life, especially as a young mother, but it feels great to take a few moments to think about how all of the little things we do every day lead to huge changes in the long run.

There have been a few things in my life bringing the theme of growth to mind, but the one that really got things started was a text message I got from a friend and client this morning. She's on vacation and keeping up her activity while she's away. Here's what she sent me "Just finished a walk run ran all down and flat parts about 3 miles. Rocked it!!! Much easier than with 50lbs of kids. Sorry for bragging just proud of myself" The picture she sent with it was a smiling, sweaty mama who just looked so happy. I can't even begin to describe how happy her success made me. I know that coming to Stroller Strides and Body Back has helped kick start her, but she is away right now and keeping it up all on her own. She's making healthy choices and being a great example for her family. She is excited about what she is doing and she's gaining so much through her hard work. Don't get me wrong, she's lost A LOT. She's lost weight and inches, but her inner growth far surpasses physical changes.

I also love watching the kids grow. Our warmup question this morning was "What is something new your baby is doing that you love?" The responses were all different, but it was so much fun to hear what the kids are up to, and even more fun to see their moms smile as they talked about the new accomplishments. Some babies are just learning to imitate funny sounds, like a nasal aspirator. Others are running. A few are "testing the waters" and learning how to be independent.

Probably most of all, I love watching our group grow. We started with just 2 moms and we are quickly growing. It has become so much more than an exercise group now. We stay and play after class and moms connect to each other. We go out for mom's night out and laugh through the entire dinner. We support each other and talk about everything from teething to vacations. Every time I get an email from someone wanting to try it out or I see a new face at class, I get so excited for that mom to join us. I get excited for her to join our group and get in shape, but I am also selfishly excited because I get a new friend.

I am so glad that Stroller Strides came into my life, and that I have been able to bring it to so many others. I can't wait to see what is in store for us. If you haven't realized the potential you have for growth, I hope you can take a few minutes and reflect on where you are right now. How have you changed recently? How do you want to grow in the future? I encourage you to write it down, put on Facebook, or tell your family and friends. Be proud of how you are growing now and be excited about your future growth.

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