It's not me, it's you

This past week I asked our Body Back participants to write a letter breaking up with habits, things, or behaviors that are holding them back. Just like a bad relationship, we often put up with toxic things in our lives long after they have become a problem. Here are the letters they wrote:

Dear Processed Foods,

Sorry, but I will be limiting/cutting you out of our eating. As easy as you are to prepare for lunch/dinner, you are no good nutritional wise. I will be setting aside more time into cooking, so I can cook healthier options for my family. We are wanting to live a healthier life and it can't happen if I continue to eat you!

Dear Disorganization,

It's time for me to let you go. I would like to say that our time together has been fun, but I can not. You have caused me too much stress! I need to be able to find my keys when I need them. I need to organize the garage (so we can actually fit a car in there). I need to stop forgetting to pay my cellphone bill. I need to put things away at the end of the the day, so the house isn't a disaster area by the end of the week. I need to get all the baby clothes the boys have grown out of stored in one place! It's time for me to get organized! Our relationship has run its course, and it is time for me to say goodbye. Please don't call or come to see me again. We are DONE!



Dear Busyness,

We have to breakup. I feel overwhelmed & drained every day. I can't say yes to every activity. I spread myself to thin. This rushing everyday is not a realistic schedule with 2 toddlers. I need to simplify & remember my priorities. It's quality, not quantity. I'm going to enjoy my life, it's not a race.

Sincerely, Angela

Dear Dr. Pepper,

I'm done with you. You make me gain weight and are a very unhealthy habit for me. I will no longer let myself think that I NEED you. From now on I will make a conscious decision to drink more water and stay away from carbonated beverages.

Dear Short Temper,

You have no right to show your face like you do around my kids. I do not want to subject them to the impatience and blow ups anymore. They deserve better than that- they're too young to be treated like that. You also have been bold enough to come around work too. How dare you! No matter how irritating things get at work, you cannot pop up and present yourself-it's just not right in a professional environment. I no longer want to be associated with you in any way, shape, or form. This is it. I'm done with you. Hope you had a nice existence.

Dear Procrastination,

I've been putting this off, but we have to call it quits. You cause me too much anxiety and stress! I'm wasting too much valuable time and energy stressing at the last minute, when I should be enjoying time with family. I have wonderful ideas for craft projects and gifts and then you sneak into my life and they don't get done.

Starting TODAY I'm going to start better I my tasks and projects, both at work and home.

Dear potty mouth,

I am tired of sounding aggressive, unintelligent, and setting a bad example for my daughter. My vocabulary shall be used effectively with more descriptive phrases. I want people around me to smile from "filberty gibett!" instead of shrink from ";&)!th/$!!". This is goodbye. Do not Facebook stalk me. ‪#‎breakup‬

- Amy

Dear Self Doubt,

Look, I know we have history. You have been a part of my life for a very long time, but it's over. There is no room in my life for you. I am sick of you waking me up at night to worry about things. I'm sick of you following me everywhere telling me what I can't do. I'm sick of you telling me I'm not cool/pretty/smart/determined enough to have the friends I want or to do the things I want. I'm cheating on you with your much more reasonable brother self examination. He still helps me make sure I'm doing things well, but he also tells me when I am being just downright awesome. And frankly, that's something a girl needs to hear every once in a while. I know you and I know you won't give us up that easily, but if you try to sneak back into my life, just expect me to punch you in the face.

PS- I hope you never find anyone else to be with. I'm not generally a vindictive person, but you really are that horrible.



What do you need to break up with? Take a few minutes and you will know. You already know what is holding you back or adds stress to your life. Write your own breakup letter and kick those things to the curb!

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