This group has made me stronger, not only physically but mentally. »

Jamy, Mom of 2, Stroller Strides Member

A few months after having my second child, I was ready to get back into a fitness routine. I tried working out at home but it was so hard with a 3 month old and a 3 year old! I started looking for a fitness class where I could bring my babies and maybe socialize with other mommies, as I was new to being a stay at home mom. What I found in Stroller Strides was all that and more! I found a wonderful, supportive network of mommies who love their children and want to instill in them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We encourage each other to work harder and sympathize with each other's daily struggles as a mom. This group has made me stronger, not only physically but mentally as well. I couldn't be more grateful for what this class has done for me. I love Stroller Strides!


I love how this group has not only kept me fit but has shown my kids what being fit is. »

Cora, Mom of 2, Stroller Strides Member

I joined this amazing Fit4Mom group 4 years ago when my daughter was just 6 weeks old. I couldn’t even imagine my life without these women. I have always been an active person but found it hard to stick to something long term. There have been months that I have not gone as often as I should, but I have always found my way back. Not only do I have the motivation from the friends I have made in the group, but I also have my daughter pushing me to go. My kids love the group too; they have friends there and we are always doing fun activities at this end of class. I love how this group has not only kept me fit but has shown my kids what being fit is. My daughter loves trying the Stroller Strides moves and I catch her playing “workout” all the time.

Not only has this group helped my physical health it also has helped my emotional/metal health. Having a group of new and “old” moms that you can talk to and bounce ideas off of about your children and how to mother a family is priceless. I have personally experienced the generosity of my Fit4Mom family when a close friend of mine...

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I can focus on fitness, getting outdoors and, most importantly, I am able to make authentic connections with other moms. »

Angie, Mom of 1, Stroller Strides Member

My son and I look forward to Stroller Strides each morning! Upon moving to Friendswood, I found and fell in love with Stroller Strides. I find the group rewarding as I can focus on fitness, getting outdoors and most importantly, I am able to make authentic connections with other moms as we see one another several times a week. Plus, my son has the daily opportunity to socialize with other children and witness my dedication to health and fitness. I fondly anticipate seeing my Stroller Strides instructors and friends each day and relish in being able to motivate one another in challenging workouts. The instructors are excellent at engaging children in the class with songs, crafts and stories all while inspiring moms (from varying fitness levels) to reach our fitness goals through thoughtfully prepared workouts. Stroller Strides has been a welcomed part of my daily routine and I’m thrilled to be a part of the group for years to come.


The amount of support, understanding, encouragement, and focus on finding balance and making improvements in my life was precisely what I needed. »

Brandi, Mom of 2, Body Back Member

My last child was born in June of 2015. I knew afterwards that I needed to get myself back into some kind of fitness regime. Before having children, being active was definitely a priority of mine. Of course that was easy because there were no competing variables in my life.

I was struggling though with the obstacle of finding the time to make this a reality. I work full time Monday through Friday and since I’m away from my children during the day, it was a struggle to imagine sacrificing any more time that I felt like they deserved to have with me (or time that I longed to spend with them). This need to get back in shape though really stayed present in my mind daily.

One day I was playing on Facebook during my lunch break and just happened to see this advertisement for the Fit4Mom Body Back class. I was definitely interested, but still struggled with giving myself permission to take this much needed time for myself. It was really meant to be, in my opinion, because it just kept reappearing on my newsfeed. I finally decided to tag a friend of mine in the ad and see...

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