The amount of support, understanding, encouragement, and focus on finding balance and making improvements in my life was precisely what I needed.

Brandi, Mom of 2, Body Back Member

My last child was born in June of 2015. I knew afterwards that I needed to get myself back into some kind of fitness regime. Before having children, being active was definitely a priority of mine. Of course that was easy because there were no competing variables in my life.

I was struggling though with the obstacle of finding the time to make this a reality. I work full time Monday through Friday and since I’m away from my children during the day, it was a struggle to imagine sacrificing any more time that I felt like they deserved to have with me (or time that I longed to spend with them). This need to get back in shape though really stayed present in my mind daily.

One day I was playing on Facebook during my lunch break and just happened to see this advertisement for the Fit4Mom Body Back class. I was definitely interested, but still struggled with giving myself permission to take this much needed time for myself. It was really meant to be, in my opinion, because it just kept reappearing on my newsfeed. I finally decided to tag a friend of mine in the ad and see if she was interested in doing it with me. When I looked into it, I realized that finding a balance might be easier than I had imagined. The class met on Sunday at 5pm and Wednesday at 7:30. Well, my weekends are spent with my family and by 5pm on Sunday, we’re typically winding down anyway so I wouldn’t be missing out on much. It was only an hour after all. Wednesdays wouldn’t be an issue because my youngest would be in bed by the time I left for class and my oldest would only benefit from a one-on-one hour with her Daddy. My friend agreed to go with me and it was a done deal! I signed up for my first Body Back Class!

My initial impression of the class and the teachers were 100% positive. The amount of support, understanding, encouragement, and focus on finding balance and making improvements in my life was precisely what I needed. It’s what we all need, but sometimes as moms, struggle to make a priority for ourselves. This first class was a reality check for me though. We did an assessment and I realized immediately the impact that two back-to-back pregnancies had on my body. I couldn’t even do a sit-up and I was devastated. Lisa was so knowledgeable about Diastasis Recti and repeatedly reassured me that it was going to be okay and that we would just modify exercises to meet my needs when necessary. The rest of the Body Back session went so well.

The workouts are challenging, yet really fun. Every session is different and the creativity that the teachers display is wonderful. Everyone that attends is different and has their own fitness challenges, but we all had the same mission: to get fit. They modify for each person individually so that everyone is successful. The end of the workout is a time for meditating. They focus on helping us remember how amazing we all are as moms and what a great impact we’re making on our family’s life by taking care of ourselves.

Another reason why I really loved this class is because of the nutrition component. The recipe books and meal plans were so helpful. My husband was even a fan. We were able to find ways to incorporate delicious food, while improving our eating habits. I’ve just naturally continued this because it was so easy to implement.

I loved the first class so much that I decided to continue doing it ever since. I feel that this is a ritual for me now and it has made the biggest difference in my life. I’ve gone down 3 pants sizes and feel better every day about accepting the body that I have, but continuing to improve it within my means. I have worked hard to make fitness a priority in my life and I wouldn’t have been able to get back on track if it were not for this class.

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